Wenger pleased with Arsenal

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has revealed that he is happy with the way the team behaved against Chelsea.

He said that the players followed the instructions well and that they gave everything they can on the pitch.


Former Arsenal player Ian Wright joined to sing the praises of Coach Arsene Wenger as he celebrates his 20th anniversary in charge at the club. The famous ex-Gunner spoke on how the manager transformed the club since taking over.

“He sent me off for a training camp in the south of France, with the fitness guru Tiburce Darou. Darou got me doing stuff I’d never thought of, running in sand, swimming, playing basketball. It was like spending a week with Yoda,” Wright revealed.


Wenger wants Wilshere to improve

It is reported that Arsene Wenger has told Jack Wilshere that his performance with Bournemouth will determine whether he still has a future at Arsenal.

Arsene Wenger has allowed Wilshere to go on loan to Bournemouth in order to get some playing time.

Injury crisis again Haunting Arsenal

Injury crisis is certainly not a term new to Arsenal since the club has gone through several such periods in the last few years.


Jamie Vardy refusal not of much Concern to Wenger

It seems Jamie Vardy’s refusal has been taken sportingly by Arsene Wenger.

The Frenchman says he admires Vardy’s loyalty to the Foxes and wishes for the striker to keep doing well.

Because of a “let-go” clause in his contract, Vardy was free to make a final call on his proposed transfer to Arsenal. Leicester did not have much of a role to play in that.

And given the difference in the statures of Arsenal and Leicester as Football clubs, despite the latter winning the Premiership the previous season, Vardy’s response was unlikely to be negative to the Gunners.

But, he kept everyone guessing for about 20 days or so and then, the word came out from Leicester that he had nodded to pen an extension.


Wenger believes Jamie Vardy will stay in Leicester City

As each transfer window passes by, Arsenal is one of the clubs that is consistently being linked with a number of players that they are attempting or interested to sign and this time around it has not been any different.

Leicester City’s Jamie Vardy is the player that was rumored on joining Arsenal during the summer transfer window but reports have been emerging claiming that the 29 year old English attacker is going to stay with Leicester City at least for another season.


Wenger frustrated with another league failure

It’s 2016 and Arsenal has once again failed to win the Premier League, it’s been over 10 years since they have managed to do it. Arsene Wenger and his men had to settlewith the 2nd place of the top tier English League as Leicester City was the club that came out on top with the triumph.

Pressure is once more building around Arsene Wenger with fans of the club eager to see Arsenal win the Premier League title.

There isa group of Arsenal supporters thatwant to see the Frenchman sacked from coaching the club while others still have hope that he is edging closer and closer and that its only a matter of time until it happens.

The 2015-16 is over and Arsenal snatched the 2nd spot which is their highest placing in recent times but itwasn’tenough to catch up to Leicester City and ArseneWenger has voiced his dissatisfaction to what has been another season where they could not live up to the demands of the Arsenal fans.


Arsene Wenger to leave Arsenal at the end of his contract in 2017

Arsene Wenger, who has come under increased pressure, this season is expected to leave Arsenal at the end of his contract in 2017.

Some fans have become frustrated after a poor run of form that has left Arsenal 13 points off the league leaders Leicester City. They have also been eliminated from the FA Cup as well as the Champions League.

With teams such as Manchester City and Chelsea underperforming and with others such as Liverpool and Manchester United under new management, it was expected that this year would have been Arsenal’s.

But the team has failed to be up to the standard and found themselves distanced in the title challenge and may have to accept a third place finish.


West Ham Draw hits Title Chances

Bad news for Arsenal fans, the title isn’t looking good at the moment and the players know it too.

The fans and players both are in a panic at the moment, especially after a brutal draw which was an essential game to win to secure their spot. Even Arsene Wenger has admitted that the Arsenal’s hope for the title is looking very grim at the moment.


West Bromwich Albion

West Bromwich Albion also known as the Baggies, are one of the teams in the top flight English Premier League.

Founded in 1878, the club play host to other teams in the Hawthorns, which has been the Baggies’ home ground since 1900.

Owned by Jeremy Peace and managed on the field of play by Tony Pulis; the Baggies are currently one of the longest serving teams in the EPL. Despite not being rated as one of the top teams in the top flight, the Hawthorns, which has a capacity of 26,850, is one of the most dreaded places for opposing teams.

Teams like Arsenal and the likes have had to struggle to leave the Hawthorns with positive results in the last couple of seasons—with the Gunners losing 1-2 the last time they visited.


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