For the most part, last Saturday’s FA Cup final match between Arsenal and Chelsea was more of one last inconvenience before the summer’s plans can take form and be rolled into shape.

Ending a season with disappointment hovering around the cloud at the Emirates stadium has become quite routine for at least the past ten decades.

However, for every one of such seasons Arsene Wenger always found away to nudge the crowd’s patience to his side,convince them of the need to allow him continue his two year decade old project that last produced a league title 13 years ago.

Impressive late runs, a domestic cup title and most importantly qualification for the Champions League make up the tricks stored up in the French man’s magic hat ready to be pulled out as at when needed.

This season’s disappointment in the league brought a new form of nerves as the Gunners failed to help the French man pull out his most important patience-inducing sedative – the UCL spot.

For such a failure, losing the FA Cup on Saturday would have made it easier for the board to push the red button. Alas the Gunners being at their twisted best completely outplayed The Blues to clinch the trophy and hand the professor legs with which he could stand on in the board meeting with owner Stan Kroenke.

It is no surprise to see tabloids confirm of his extension meaning Arsenal may yet again embark in cyclic razzmatazz come next season.A loss on Saturday would have given the club chiefs a chance at holistic evaluation, instead the victory denied such and now Wenger will continue his reign as usual.

Only time will tell if their latest cup triumph was more of a curse than a blessing.