Arsene Wenger Not Ready to Accept Spectacular Change at Arsenal

Arsene Wenger has once again risked the wrath of the supporters by claiming that he does not see a spectacular change in the structure of the club under his regime.

The Frenchman has been coming under intense pressure to resign following a string of poor results, which has left the club in the sixth place. It is a disappointing position for the club, which has been based so much on Champions League qualification. This has been the focal point for the club over the last decade; missing out on this crucial aspect will not just result in a significant drop in financial revenue but also increases the possibility of top players leaving the club.

Club’s chief executive Ivan Gazidis recently claimed that the club had to undergo a major structural change in order to start challenging against the top teams. It is widely seen as a hint that the manager at Arsenal has to work under the regime of a sporting director. It has become the popular form of a structure at a club in recent years.

While it has allowed the manager to exclusively on developing the teams in various aspects, the role of the sporting director is provide the manager with the right kind of weapons. This structure has worked extremely well at the likes of Tottenham and Chelsea in recent years.

Yet, Wenger suggested that he may not be prepared for such a role in the future. His latest comments are likely to intensify the calls for his resignation. “We need to focus on tomorrow and forget all the rest. Football today is a lot of talks and talks and talks. But good players on the pitch are more important than anything else. I don’t know [working under a sporting director]. We play tomorrow against West Ham and we speak about 2025. For me what is important is West Ham tomorrow,” said Wenger.