West Ham Draw hits Title Chances

Bad news for Arsenal fans, the title isn’t looking good at the moment and the players know it too.

The fans and players both are in a panic at the moment, especially after a brutal draw which was an essential game to win to secure their spot. Even Arsene Wenger has admitted that the Arsenal’s hope for the title is looking very grim at the moment.

This came after the surrender at the Upton Park game which was a 2-0 lead. While Wenger has said that he hasn’t given up after the upsetting 3-3 draw at West Ham United, he has stated that it’s not looking good.

Many fans were left hoping for more luck in the Grand National, with StanJames reporting increased betting on 'Rule the World' from dispondent Arsenal fans.

Arsenal was in desperate need for someone who could equalize the score against West Ham and Laurent Koscielny was their last hope. Koscielny was able to get a two goal deficit in the 35 minutes of the game with what is known as the Andy Carroll hat trick in just eight minutes.

However, during the game not all was peaceful. It was the managers from both teams that had some grievances with the ruling decisions of the game. Wenger stated that being only third in the league with only 59 points, that’s not nearly where he wants to be and that he could do better. Leicester won again.

He also went on to state that it makes it that much more difficult to win the championship but he hopes the team can pull it together and he has to keep hope together because he really wants to win that championship. You really never know what’s going to happen in this sport and you never know who can make a comeback.

Sometimes, it’s the most unexpected teams that all of a sudden come back out of nowhere. Can Arsenal come back and pull it together after a devastating loss? Will they be able to chase down the title they so desperately seek?