West Brom appeared to take a different direction

West Brom appeared to take a different direction when they brought in Tony Pulis as the manager.

The club has been known for its beautiful and flowing football over the years. The new manager, however, was someone who was much more pragmatic in his attack. Even though Pulis has an impressive record as a manager after having not been relegated in his entire career, his style of football has not been enjoyable always. It was questioned whether the union was the right fit for both parties. Pulis has admitted that he had the same worries when he took over.

Now, though, West Brom are riding quite comfortably in the Premier League as they have managed to stay clear of the relegation zone so far this season. The club has been good in attack as well as defence. The latest back-to-back victories against Stoke and Newcastle United has put the club on the verge of a top half position. Pulis says that one of the primary reasons for thinking about taking over at West Brom was his relationship with other bosses over the last decade. Apart from Stoke City chairman Peter Coates, Pulis has not enjoyed a great relationship with his bosses. Pulis has now completed 12 months in charge of West Brom and it has been an enjoyable ride so far.

"I was warned off by lots of people, more so with the chairman than anything else. I'm never happy with anything. I just get very disappointed when people don't work at the same pace. But he's been very honest and open and straight and, whether I like it or not, I prefer that. Jeremy has run the club over the past 10 years in a very astute manner. You have to give him an enormous amount of credit. It's his club and he runs it exceptionally well,” said Pulis.