Wenger frustrated with another league failure

It’s 2016 and Arsenal has once again failed to win the Premier League, it’s been over 10 years since they have managed to do it. Arsene Wenger and his men had to settlewith the 2nd place of the top tier English League as Leicester City was the club that came out on top with the triumph.

Pressure is once more building around Arsene Wenger with fans of the club eager to see Arsenal win the Premier League title.

There isa group of Arsenal supporters thatwant to see the Frenchman sacked from coaching the club while others still have hope that he is edging closer and closer and that its only a matter of time until it happens.

The 2015-16 is over and Arsenal snatched the 2nd spot which is their highest placing in recent times but itwasn’tenough to catch up to Leicester City and ArseneWenger has voiced his dissatisfaction to what has been another season where they could not live up to the demands of the Arsenal fans.

You do not do as much work as I do to be happy with a top-four finish. There was a period when the minimum required was a top-four finish to pay the debt back when we did not have the potential but now we are in the position where we want to fight for the championship. I am, like everybody, frustrated.’’

“I believe there is something special in the team. We could not materialize that into success this season. But there is something happening inside the club that is very positive and a very healthy mentality. ”Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger said.

David Seamanis a former Arsenal goal-keeper and hebelieves and hopesthatArseneWengerwillbe able to win the Premier Leaguetitle in the upcomingseason and silence hiscritics.