Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has revealed that his former club are currently very low on confidence and need to start working on changing that as soon as possible before it does more damage to the team. The Gunners are enduring a difficult time at the moment and are currently finding it hard to attract their top transfer targets after they failed to finish the season in a spot that would have seen them compete in Europe next season.

After missing out on both the UEFA Champions League and Europe League, several of the players that were linked to them some months ago have now started making u-turns and are either remaining at their clubs or looking for other options. The most recent occurrence of such magnitude is how they lost the signing of Norwich City star Emiliano Buendia to Aston Villa. Although this particular one was not about a European place finish but of the fact that they refused to up their bid, it's still a part of the entire problem the club currently have.

And Wenger believes that if they do not work on having their confidence brought back up, the stigma could go on to pose a huge threat to their performances on the pitch even next season. Speaking on the matter, Wenger said he knew it was always going to be difficult for the club to adapt to the style and demands of another manager after his exit and that they have proven him right with their performances under former manager Unai Emery, and now, Mikel Arteta.

However, he said that Arteta is a great manager and just needs to be quick in making crucial decisions as he needs the skill. Furthermore, Wenger said that he knows the club will find it hard to sign top players but they should be ready to splash the cash as well and make sure they are signing the right player when they do.