Tony Pulis aim is to collect 40 points with West Bromwich Albion

40 is the magical number that ensures survivability and this is what Tony Pulis is aiming to collect in this season as the coach of West Bromwich Albion wants to continue competing in the Premier League and avoid the dreadful relegation zone.

West Bromwich Albion have so far collected 32 points after having played 26 points and they are in a fairly comfortable position as the team of Tony Pulis need only a few more points in order to .

"There's 12 clubs at the bottom of the league that are all concerned and are looking over their shoulders and need 40 points. Other people can look at results and listen to this and that you’ve got to wash your mind away from it and try and get the points. Too many people worry about what other people say in this country instead of concentrating on what they do." Tony Pulis of West Bromwich Albion said during a press conference.

There still are 12 league matches left to be played in this season of the Premier League and even though West Bromwich Albion are only in need of 8 more points to reach the safety mark of 40, their remainder of matches in the season will be extremely difficult for them to win as Tony Pulis and his squad have to face off against top clubs including: Leicester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, Watford and Liverpool.

West Bromwich Albion will also play against a few clubs that are located in the bottom spots of the Premier League but the majority of their remaining games are against teams that are positioned in the top spots of the league and the squad of Tony Pulis will have a hard time trying to collect points against those clubs.