Ian Wright speaks his mind about what Arsenal need to do in order to be champions

Ian Wright had playing career which spanned for over 14 years. During his playing career, Wright has made his way through a number of clubs including: Crystal Palace, Arsenal, West Ham United, Nottingham Forest, Celtic and Burnley.

However, it was during his time when performing for Arsenal when he truly managed to stand out and lift big titles such as: The Premier League and the FA Cup just to name a few.

It’s been over 10 years since Arsenal has been able to win the Premier League title and even though Ian Wright is no longer in the playing grounds, he is still up to date with news and everything surrounding the world of football.

Ian Wright voiced his opinion about what he thinks that Arsenal need to do in order to become the champions of England as he said: “I think everyone in the Premier League are far away from Chelsea. When Arsenal get things right on the day they hammer teams. They need to fit players in with a winning mentality. It’s the Premier League they have to be going for.”

The former Arsenal player believes that what the English club needs to do is to have a winning mentality more than anything else.

Any Arsenal fan that has watched the performances and the past few seasons of the club would probably say that instead of having a winning mentality, the players in the squad of Arsene Wenger might have to change their training regime as all the key figures of the team have sustained injuries which have kept them out of action for a significantly long period of time but Wright believes that with a winning mentality, they might be able to cope with England and Europe’s elite clubs.