Betting tips on Newcastle United

Most of the football betting interest in Newcastle United next season is likely to be either on them to be one of the teams in the relegation zone, or one of those competing for the Europa League spots, as the Champions League and title are surely beyond them.

Given that they qualified for the Europa League two seasons ago, and were relegation strugglers last time out, it would seem as if their season could go either way – but do the bookmakers see them having a good or bad season this time?

In fact they appear as unsure as anyone of how the Magpies will fare, based on the early pre-season odds. Many bookies are currently offering odds of 9 or 10/1 on them for a top six place, while also offering 10 and 11/1 on them to go down. This suggests they aren’t hot favourites for either of these, but nor are they a rank outsider bet.

Notably however manager Alan Pardew is the pre-season bookies favourite to be the first manager sacked, and this does suggest that they think the club will react quickly to a poor start. Given their previous history of sacking managers this seems a fair bet, and at 2/1, will generate a lot of interest, but otherwise the smartest gamble could be to wait and see what kind of start they have before betting – especially as you can give a football slots game a spin at an online casino instead.

Any football betting fan deciding on this course of action will be spoiled for choice, as more of these games seem to be appearing all the time, although one of those that have been consistently favoured by football and casino fans is Game On.

There is no doubt that the $10,000 highest jackpot has a lot to do with this, but the goofy take on football, with animals playing football against each other has also made this slot a perfect escapist take on the game for fans worried about how their side will do in the new season. With mobile casino options letting you carry on playing it on your phone once the season starts, this could be even more valuable if those fears turn out to be justified.