Arsenal explain their decision of extending Wenger´s contract

A few months ago, it was confirmed that Arsenal had decided to give Arsene Wenger a contract extension and this is something which caused a divide among the supporters of the English Premier League.

In the fan-base of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger is a mixed bag as the French manager has lost many fans who have simply lost faith that the can turn Arsenal into the extremely dominating that they once were over a decade ago.

However, there still are supporters who trust Wenger and are certain that he only needs time to transform Arsenal into one of the biggest clubs in Europe.

The last time that Arsenal won a major piece of silverware was during the season of 2003-04 when they lifted the English Premier League and even though Arsenal has actually managed to consistently win the FA Cup, it still isn’t enough to fully satisfy what the supporters of the club want to see.

The General Director of Arsenal, Ivan Gazidis has recently stepped up and explained why they decided to give Arsene Wenger a new 2 year long contract which is going to keep the French manager at the helm of the club at least until 2019, despite not really lifting any major trophy in over a decade.

´´We are looking top class player. We now have 3 times more scouters than a few years ago. I think that in order for a football club to become world class, you have to be world class outside of the pitch as well. It was not a sentimental decision, it was a mutual agreement. I really care about the club and what it represents; I want to see the club succeeding.´´ Arsenal´s Ivan Gazidis said.