Another Big loss for Arsene Wenger

Steve Rowley is known for being Arsene Wenger’s main source of continuous talented players over the years. It looks likely that Wenger might soon be saying goodbye to Steve, according to the reports from Daily Mail. He was brought in as chief scout by Wenger on 1996. He has been with Arsenal for almost 35 years. He has always provided Wenger with a bunch of young talented players over the years. Wenger is well known for grooming young talented players into stars. Although the credit almost always goes to Wenger only, Rowley certainly deserves some praise for finding talented players across the globe for the club.

Wenger has failed to satisfy the expectations during the summer transfer window. Sanchez and Ozil seem to see out their contract and leave their club. Now, he will have a huge task ahead of him to replace Sanchez and Ozil next summer. He has taken some of the blame for the Gunner’s recent shortcomings in the transfer market.

Arsenal have been going through an overhaul of the scouting system; chief executive Ivan Gazidis will now oversee the recruitment side. Rowley’s departure seems imminent once chief transfer negotiator stood down. This increases huge pressure on Wenger, who is constantly under pressure from fans flashing the “Wenger Out” cards in the stadium.

While many Arsenal legends still believe he is the right man for the job, Gunners legend Ray Parlour is of the opinion that the Gunners should bring Patrick Vieira as Wenger’s successor.

He said, “If I was Arsenal now, I’d be looking in two years’ time, whenever it’s going to be, and see who is going to be interested in taking over. Try and put it in place now. Managers don’t hang around. Do you know who would be perfect one day? Patrick Vieira.” One by one leave the club when its time, but he still stays. Everything is coming down on Wenger. Perhaps the time finally has come for him to step down and give way to a younger and fresh manager.