Aaron Ramsey feels that fans these days are too unforgiving

After having gone through a superb start of the season, Arsenal have slowed down their pace and now all eyes are being focused on Leicester City as the team of Claudio Ranieri are on their way of making history and lifting the Premier League title which is something that the club has never been able to do in the club’s entire history.

The recent drop of points of Arsenal have been when playing against Manchester United and Swansea City as they lost both matches against these teams and also had to settle with a 2-2 draw when facing off with Tottenham Hotspur.

Fans of Arsenal were clearly not happy to see these kinds of results and they showed it during the FA Cup match of Arsenal as they locked horns with Hull City on March 8 and in this game, there were banners being displayed around the stadium which were suggesting that Arsene Wenger should be replaced by someone else and Aaron Ramsey was surprised about this and had a few things to say in relation to this occurance.

Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey said: “It shocked me. I didn’t see the banner at the time because I was injured and went straight down the tunnel. The lads weren’t talking about it because the same sentiments have been expressed before. To think that an Arsenal fan has taken the trouble to bring that to a game does shock me.’’

“You see the amount of managers who get sacked these days a few bad results and they’re under pressure. But Arsene Wenger has handled it before and come out of it and I’m sure he’ll do so again.”

Ramsey feels that the fans of clubs are too demanding and placing too much pressure on managers and this is one of the main reasons of why he believes that so many coaches are being sacked but the Welshman is certain that Arsene Wenger can handle this pressure as he has done it for the past 10 years as the head coach of Arsenal and has still managed to deal with everything for such a long period of time.